Delta Co. Ltd is a multi-business development company headquartered in Riyadh, the capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a vision of developing businesses to its highest potential and beyond. We specialize in taking the F&B and real estate industries to new heights with our innovative business strategies. Our expertise comes from the rich experience of our founders, who have been the flag-bearers of excellence in these fields for more than a decade now. At Delta, we believe in setting new benchmarks of excellence in every business we operate in. We believe that building strong strategic business partnerships through our top-class business performance will be the key to our continued success in the future.


Integrity | Responsibility | Commitment | Quality

Our core values have played a huge role in shaping our corporate culture, since the inception of the company. They are the principles that will never change in our quest for conquering new horizons.


We provide world-class business strategies and solutions developed by an enthusiastic and efficient team which performs intricate analysis of all the projects under the supervision of our project leaders.

Guide F&B and real estate startups in conceptualisation, feasibility analysis and formulate new business plans.

Provide effective solutions to troubleshoot the concerns of existing players in the F&B and real estate industry.

These are the major areas of our specialisation, but we are always willing to go beyond depending on the specific needs of our clients.


We are delighted to be a part of the ‘Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030’ by helping welcome new businesses to Saudi Arabia’s F&B and real estate industry, thereby creating a diverse and sustainable economy. We understand that the younger generation of the country is the most integral part of progressive Saudi Arabia, and we have adopted measures to develop their skills and talents by providing them employment opportunities and training.


At Delta Co. Ltd, we believe in maintaining the highest level of integrity, trust and professionalism in each of our business actions. Our focus on following the core human values has been the driving factor for all our operations. While, it is our constant desire to keep improving and changing the way we do business for greater efficiency, we strive to always exercise ethical business practices, make our associates/clients proud with our actions and run our businesses in ways that earn us the trust of the communities we serve.

We believe in creating a safe and happy environment for our team here at Delta, and follow a flexible HR policy to always keep the satisfaction and happiness of our employees in check. We believe a happy team will always achieve better business results.

We are very proud to say that Delta Co. Ltd plans to continue its heritage of excellence and leadership in the markets we currently serve and keep taking the level of excellence to new heights in the coming future.

Mr. Salman Alhoshan